Purchase Requests

A Purchase Request Process expedites the ordering process for your end users and allows your Purchasing department to quickly consolidate and send out orders. A Purchase Request system allows users to order goods without having to worry about selecting a vendor. With an online system that can be hosted on the Cloud or on your internal servers there is no software to install on PC's.

  • Allow End User Ordering
  • Easily Create Purchase Orders
  • Real Time Management Reporting
  • Custom Approval Workflows
  • Integrates with External Systems
  • Tailored to your Process

What is a Purchase Request System?

A Purchase Request (PR) is an internal item order for your organization. Users fill out the Purchase Requests picking all the items they need to order from the built in Item catalogs.
Once initiated, the Purchase Request is then sent to the Purchasing Agent who combines the single Purchase Request from a user with the Purchase Requests from the rest of the organization. This allows the Purchasing agent to combine orders which, in many cases, results in a reduction of price from the vendor, due to increased quantities. This also allows for the consolidation of shipments, making it easier to track receipt of the goods.

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