Expense Report System

An Expense Report System allows for tracking and approval oversight to be put in place for business incurred Expenses. An Expense Report System automates Approval workflows, increases visibility, and streamlines operations saving your organization time and money. With an online system that can be hosted on the Cloud or on your internal servers there is no software to install on PC's. Users and management can access their information from anywhere in the world.

  • Configured for your Data
  • Manual/Email Receipt Attachment
  • 100% Browser Based
  • Increased Visibility via Reporting
  • Automated Workflow of the Report
  • Enforce Expense Policies

What is an Expense Report System?

An Expense Report System allows for the recording of expenses employees incur on value gaining company operations. The data input process allows end users to quickly track and record their expenses through a web browser while allowing the attachment of receipts and adherence to company policies. This allows for an Expense Report to be entered quickly and correctly, the first time.

Once complete the Expense Report then follows a approval process that is designed to provide the proper oversight for your organization. Email driven approval flows quickly notify approvers and allow them to review and approve/reject the Expense Report directly from their email. Finally, accounting can be notified at the end of the approval process to perform a General Ledger check and process the Expense Report.

Real Time reporting on Expense Reports that can be run at any time give management an overview of the various spends against projects in their own departments or for the whole organization.

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