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You need to make an important purchasing decision based on your current inventory data but you find out there doesn’t seem to be report or anyway to access this data. What do you do? Do you have to put in a request to IT to create a new report? Do they instead send you an excel file that have to update every week with new information?

How do you cut IT out of the loop?

In today’s world of instant information and web based technologies you shouldn’t have to wait days or even weeks for your reports. It’s your data and you want it NOW!

When you have an electronic system it is essential to be able to get the data that is captured, how you want it and when you want it. What you need is lovingly referred to, by users of the technology, as “Ad-Hoc” reporting. This means that business users like you can create a report with the data you need containing real time data. More importantly you can create this report and be getting your data in about 5 minutes.

Many companies still wait 5 or even 10 days after they close their books to get reports. For you this may be like trying to manage and make decisions in the dark. Minor problems can become big problems quickly and your competitors will be sure to capitalize on these opportunities.

A system that supplies AD-Hoc reporting can be one of the most valuable tools available to your users. Any field can quickly be added to an existing or new report. Reports can be created quickly and even emailed, exported or turned into PDF’s.  If your system is not giving you the flexibility to get your data when you need it feel free to give us a call at 1-323-300-4856 or shoot us an email at to see how we can help you out.


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